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Bella Italia

AVASUN perimeter protact, a brand of STYX Security Technology GmbH, secures several solar parks in Italy.

An open-space PV system is being built in Sardinia and two further PV parks in northern Italy. In total, a high-quality output of almost 51 MW is secured. The on-site construction phase of the security technology for the PV open-space systems in northern Italy began in September 2023.

The solar park in Sardinia will be secured in the first quarter of 2024. Thanks to years of experience and expertise, AVASUN is a leading provider of safety technology for open-field PV systems from Europe to Africa.

STYX Security Technology GmbH and its AVASUN brand are internationally specialized in securing solar ground-mounted systems and battery storage systems. High-quality PSS (perimeter security systems) are used, such as fence sensors, video analytics, radar and ground detection as well as alarm and video surveillance systems.



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